The Scandinavian Movement Disorder Society

ScandMODIS is a collaboration platform between the Danish Movement Disorder Society (Danmodis), the Swedish Movement Disorder Society (Swemodis), “Interessegruppen för Movement Disorders” (Norway) and the Iceland Society of Neurology.

Scandmodis is a scientific organisation whose aims include, inter alia:


The Swedish Movement Disorder Society (Swemodis) is a non-profit association for stimulating the interest in Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders, with the aim to improve the conditions for research, treatment and education of scientists and clinicians. The Society was founded in 1985. It is associated to The Movement Disorder Society. visit ➞


Dansk Selskab for Bevægeforstyrrelserer et videnskabeligt selskab til fremme af forskning, behandling og information indenfor basalganglie-sygdomme og andre beslægtede bevægeforstyrrelser. Selskabet har til formål at fremme såvel grundvidenskabelig som behandlingsorienteret forskning inderfor alle sundhedsfaglige områder. ➞

Interessegruppen för Movement Disorders (Norway)

[Description of NorMODIS is missing] ➞

Iceland Society of Neurology

[Description of IceMODIS is missing] ➞

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